Firmware Updates

Audiovox OEI products can be easily updated by connecting the unit to your computer with a mini-USB cable. The issues fixed by firmware updates are described in the Release Notes. Always install the latest firmware version available.

NOTE: You MUST first register your product before trying to update firmware. Update will not complete without registration. If you are not registered, please visit: registration page.

How do I update the firmware on my MediaBridge, Silverline DUO,
Universal RDS or Universal RDS-USB?

  1. Download the new Firmware Updater v4.0:

    Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (supports 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems) | DOWNLOAD

    Mac OS X 10.5 or higher | DOWNLOAD

    Linux (supports x86-compatible processors, 32-bit or 64-bit)| DOWNLOAD

    Other system requirements:

    • Internet connection
    • Recommended minimum PC configuration: RAM: 512MB, CPU: 1Ghz, min. 25MB free space on hard drive
    • Available USB port

  2. Follow the installer instructions to run the updater.

  3. NOTE: Module settings (text display, etc...) will be reset to default after updating the firmware.


Recently released update notes:
For product: Version # Features SXV200 Compatiblity Release Notes
DUO - BMW/MINI7115Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
DUO - HONDA/ACURA7115Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
DUO - MAZDA7115Livio / iOS7Not Yet Availableclick to view
DUO - NISSAN/INFINITI7115Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
DUO - TOYOTA/LEXUS/SCION7115Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
DUO - VW/AUDI (CDC)7115Livio / iOS7Not Yet Availableclick to view
DUO - VW/AUDI (SAT)7115Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view

MEDIABRIDGE MB1100 - TOYOTA USB4323Livio / iOS7N/Aclick to view
MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 - BMW/MINI7114Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 - HONDA/ACURA7117Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 - NISSAN/INFINITI7114Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 - TOYOTA/LEXUS/SCION7117Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view
MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 - VW/AUDI(CDC)7114Livio / iOS7Not Yet Availableclick to view

UNIVERSAL RDS7115Livio / iOS7N/Aclick to view
UNIVERSAL RDS USB7110Livio / iOS7Yesclick to view