iTR-100A title

Based on the popular DICE iTR-100 tabletop HD Radio™, this unit was designed with special consideration for the visually impaired. Practical voice prompts and audible feedback have been added which makes operating the iTR-100A simple and intuitive. Each button press is followed by an audio queue to help guide the user through actions such as station browsing or setting up the alarm clock. All buttons and knobs are arranged and spaced apart with ease of use in mind. The compact size of the unit makes it easy to enjoy the enhanced noise-free sound quality of HD Radio or RRS (Radio Reading Service) at home or in your office.

Users Manual
Quick reference guide

iTR-100A Vision Free HD Radio Features

Audio Feedback
Voice announcements are made to guide the user through each button press. Radio station information, time and settings are all assisted by vocal queues.

RRS Capable
Register the radio’s serial number with a local Radio Reading Service provider to access the RRS content.

Optional Speaker
Add the optional add-on speaker for room filling stereo sound.

Alarm Clock
Announces the current time on wake and begins to play preset radio station.

Access to Multicast Channels
Access more content with HD Radio’s Multicast channels. These are HD2 and HD3 channels found on HD Radio frequencies.

Auxiliary Audio Input
Connect any external audio device including: iPod, MP3 players and CD Players.

Excellent Sound Quality
The large 4” driver and solid construction of the acoustic wood structure further enhances the listening experience.

HD Radio Receiver
Listen to local AM/FM programming digitally in near CD quality sound. Thousands of stations across the country are transmitting using HD Radio technology. No monthly fees or subscriptions.

Kit Contents Hardware Specifications Audible Manual
Click the links below to listen to the audio tutorial files.

• iTR-100A unit
• AM loop antenna
• FM wire antenna
• Removable telescope antenna
• User manual
• Optional speaker (sold separately)

• Overall Dimensions:
Metric: 140 x 248 x 133 mm
Standard: 5.50" x 9.75" x 5.25"Specifications
• Power Output: 2x5 Watts RMS
• Speaker: 4" full range driver
• Impedance: 4 Ohms
• Frequency Response: 40Hz - 18kHz
• Outputs: 1/8” AUX, RF, AM loop antenna
• Inputs: 1/8” for optional speaker
• Station Memory: 6 presets for AM, FM and HD1/2/3
• Tuner: Type AM/FM/HD Radio tuner with RRS capability

Track 1 - Overview
Track 2 - Table of Contents
Track 3 - Safety information

Track 4 - Package Contents
Track 5 - Front of Radio Overview
Track 6 - Back of Radio Overview
Track 7 - Turning on Radio and Getting Started
Track 8 - Seeking for HD RSS Stations in FM Mode
Track 9 - Setting AM or FM Station Presets
Track 10 - Multicasting in AM or FM Mode
Track 11 - Setting AM or FM Station Presets
Track 12 - AUX Mode
Track 13 - Setting the Clock
Track 14 - Setting the Alarm
Track 15 - Specifications